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How do I activate My Morrisons offer?

How do I activate My Morrisons offer?

Its really easy to activate your promotions – log into your My Morrisons App or your online account head to my offers and click activate. When you next shop you just scan your card to receive the promotions.

How do Morrisons Personalised offers work?

How will My Morrisons loyalty scheme promotions work? The digital offers will be personalised according to your shopping preferences so you should receive coupons that give you a discount on products you usually buy when you’re in store.

What is Morrisons loyalty scheme?

Rather than offering a physical card, Morrisons’ new loyalty programme is instead based on its app. The idea is that shoppers will be provided with personalised money-off discounts through the app, which can be immediately ‘activated’.

How do I get Morrisons discount?

You must download the My Morrisons app and join the NHS club in order to scan your in-app barcode at the till and receive your 10% discount.

Are Morrisons still doing Personalised offers?

Until the 9th May 2021 everything remains the same, you will continue to earn points, redeem £5 vouchers and receive personalised offers instore, online and through the More App.

How does the Morrisons app work?

The My Morrisons App can be downloaded from the Android or Apple stores and then swiped in store to redeem rewards. Customers can register online at for the website experience or can continue to use their card for paper vouchers that will be printed at the till when they shop.

Do Morrisons still give more points?

The shake-up of its Morrisons More programme will mean customers can no longer collect points – from next week they will receive digital coupons via an app. Shoppers currently get five points for every £1 they spend in stores, which they can then turn into vouchers.

What is Morrisons partner Programme?

Morrisons has replaced its old ‘More’ cards with a new e-vouchers scheme called ‘My Morrisons: Make Good Things Happen’. Instead of collecting points to spend in store, shoppers will now be sent personalised money-off vouchers.

Do Morrisons still have a loyalty card?

With a new way to enjoy rewards, check out some of the amazing perks of our loyalty app below. If you have a physical card, you can still continue to swipe to receive money-off coupons at the till to enjoy your My Morrisons rewards.

Is Morrisons still giving 10% off?

Morrisons extends NHS 10% discount for in store shopping for the whole of 2021. Morrisons is today extending its 10% discount for our NHS heroes, first introduced in April 2020, for the whole of 2021.

What day does Morrisons change their offers?

When do Morrisons offers change? New offers at Morrisons usually start on Mondays. However, end dates of promotions can vary. You can check on their website when a specific offer ends.

Is Morrisons more card ending?

What happens between now and when the current scheme ends? Until the 9th May 2021 everything remains the same, you will continue to earn points, redeem £5 vouchers and receive personalised offers instore, online and through the More App.

What benefits do you get with a Morrisons card?

We’re bringing you Good Things

  • Personalised offers – tailored digital vouchers with money-off your next shop.
  • Instant activation – one-tap to activate.
  • Scan the app – scan your digital in-app card at the till for automatic savings.
  • Find out first – about our events and offers.

Do you still get points at Morrisons?

Is there a Morrisons loyalty card?

How much is 5000 Morrisons points worth?

a fiver
Morrisons’ loyalty scheme is making big changes in May. To actually use your points you need to earn 5,000 points (worth a fiver), which required a £1,000 spend – far higher than the other supermarkets.

How do I activate My Morrisons discount card?

How to register for your online discount

  1. Step 1 – Log in to Open and log in or register your shopping account.
  2. Step 2 –
  3. Step 3 – Find Customer Number.
  4. Step 4 – Tick to Continue.
  5. Step 5 – Details.
  6. Step 6 – Password.
  7. Step 7 – Registration.
  8. Step 8 – Link Account.

Can you get Morrisons discount on Amazon?

The Offer is only available to you if you have a paid membership to Amazon Prime and you are eligible for the Morrisons on Amazon promotion. The Offer is only available in relation to Eligible Orders.

Do Morrisons still do blue light discount?

Discount is not valid in Franchise stores – Morrisons Daily or Morrisons Select stores. It is valid in a Morrisons run forecourt shop against products NOT fuel. A valid Blue Light Card ID must be presented to claim the discount. The Blue Light Card staff member must be present for the transaction to claim the discount.

What has happened to Morrisons offers?

As we’ve changed from points to instant discounts and money-off offers, you’ll no longer earn More Points when you shop in store, in the Café, at fuel stations and through gift cards. No more waiting for vouchers, we’ll give you the pounds off instantly, instead.

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