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How deep can an SSI open water diver go?

How deep can an SSI open water diver go?

18m / 60 feet
The SSI Open Water Diver is our most popular certification level. This globally-recognized certification will allow you to dive with another certified diver, worldwide, to depths of up to 18m / 60 feet and is valid for life.

Is SSI equivalent to PADI?

Teaching methods The course content for PADI and SSI is more or less identical. One thing that differs is the teaching methodology. PADI insists on skills being completed in a set order to meet PADI standards and pass the course. SSI allows for slightly more flexibility.

How many questions are on the open water diver exam?

The PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) final exam consists of 50 questions, so we have included these practice questions (and answers) to help you study for this test.

What is the difference between PADI and SSI diving?

To become SSI certified as with PADI, you can first do an Open Water Certification followed by the SSI Advanced Certification, whenever you are ready to continue your learning. The big difference between PADI and SSI is the PADI courses offer a lot less flexibility during the classes.

How deep can a 12 year old dive?

40 feet
Junior Open Water divers age 10-11 can only dive with a parent, guardian, or PADI professional and to a maximum depth of 40 feet (12 m). Junior Open Water Divers age 12-14 years old can dive with a certified adult other than a parent, guardian, or PADI professional, and they may dive to 60 feet (18 m).

Which diver certification is best?

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) – PADI is the undisputed leader in recreational scuba diving training. While statistics vary, it is estimated that PADI has certified between 60-75% of recreational scuba divers worldwide.

What happens if you fail open water exam?

If you fail, you can retake the test. See ‘PADI test questions’ below for more. Confined water dives: this is usually done in a pool or shallow water in the sea with the aim of teaching you basic scuba skills. See ‘PADI confined water tests’ below for more.

How do I get SSI Advanced Open Water Diver?

To be certified as a SSI AOWD one needs to have completed four specialty courses and minimum of 24 logged dives. In the absence of a logged dives requirement, it is possible to become certified as AOW with some other agencies while having less than 10 lifetime dives.

What is the highest diving certification?

Master Scuba Diver (sometimes referred to as “MSD”) is the highest level of recreational diving. Above all, to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver™ you must: Hold an Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver certification. Complete five PADI Specialty Diver Courses.

Is open water certification hard?

Getting your PADI Certification is not hard, it’s fun and it’s an incredible experience, but you do need to follow the rules to make sure that your PADI Open Water Course is also a safe experience. After you have completed the PADI course you will receive the PADI Open Water Certification Card.

How deep do you dive for Open Water certification?

According to the PADI certifying agency, if you are doing your Open Water course and you are over 12 years old, you can dive to 18 meters/60 feet depth. If you are still a junior (from 10 to 12 years old), the maximum depth is 12 meters/40 feet.

Is PADI or SDI better?

If you’re looking to become professional as a scuba diving instructor you may want to opt for PADI since it is the more well-known of the two. If you want to pursue diving as a career (and not be a dive instructor) then SDI may work better for you, given their connection to TDI.

How do you get a SSI Specialty diver rating?

SSI Specialty Diver SSI’s intermediate diver rating is higher than any other agency’s advanced courses. To earn the certification for Specialty Diver, you must complete 2 specialty courses and have done a total of 12 dives.

Why join the SSI Open Water Diver program?

If you want to dive anywhere you want, with anyone you want, join the Open Water Diver program. This is your international certification to become part of an exclusive group of underwater explorers that most people only dream about joining! Learning to dive is much easier than you think. Join the SSI Open Water Diver program now!

How many terms are in the SSI open water final exam?

SSI open water final exam 53 terms baileysneed1 SCUBA 60 terms gogotaubs SCUBA 51 terms stonem8PLUS SCUBA 89 terms MJBolin Other sets by this creator

What if I Can’t complete my Open Water Diver program?

If you are unable to complete your Open Water Diver program, you can credit your learning towards other certifications and upgrade at any time. With the SSI Scuba Diver certification, you can dive up to 12 meters deep with an SSI Professional in open waters and will have completed almost half of the Open Water Diver training.

How deep can you dive with the SSI scuba diver certification?

With the SSI Scuba Diver certification, you can dive up to 12 meters deep with an SSI Professional in open waters and will have completed almost half of the Open Water Diver training. By completing the remaining academic training, pool/confined water sessions and two open water training dives, you will become an Open Water Diver.

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