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How big of tires can you fit on a stock XJ?

How big of tires can you fit on a stock XJ?

The max size tire you can shove on a cherokee and guarantee to rub is 31×10. 5.

Will 31 inch tires fit a stock Jeep Cherokee?

You can run 31s on stock rims with no issues unless stuffing. However the rub is minimal. With stock rims you will however rub the lower control arms at a full turn of the front wheels.

What size are stock XJ wheels?

End of dialog window. XJ wheels are 5.25″ factory backspacing. The sidewalls would stick out an additional 1.25″.

What size tires can I put on my Jeep Cherokee?

Common Jeep Cherokee Tire Sizes: 245/65R17. 225/55R18. 225/60R18.

How big of a tire can I put on a Jeep Cherokee?

How big of tires can I put on my Jeep Cherokee? Your current tires are approximately 8 and 7/8 inches wide and 28 and 1/2 inches tall. You should be able to move up to 235/75 or 30×9.

What size tires fit a Jeep Cherokee?

What is the biggest tire you can put on a Jeep Cherokee trailhawk?

Biggest tyres with or without a lift but without any other mods is 30.5in, which is 245 70 17 or 265 65 17. To get larger requires inner fender liner mods, then next size the pinch weld mod.

What gears for XJ on 35s?

You definitely want 4.88 gears for 35s for on and off road performance. I run an Aussie locker in the rear of my XJ and it is a DD and WW. yup, i’d go 4.88 also, and those are the largest gear set you can fit in a dana 30 anyways.

How do I know what gear ratio my XJ?

You gear ratio is determined by the number of turns of the driveshaft it takes for 1 turn of the tire. 3 and a half turns to 1 = 3.55 gears. 4 turns to 1 = 4.10 gears, etc. Check for the ratio by jacking up the rear or putting it on a lift.

What’s a 295 tire in inches?

16-inch Wheel Conversion Chart

Metric Standard
265/75/16 31.6″x 10.4″
275/70/16 31.2″x 10.8″
285/75/16 32.8″x 11.2″
295/75/16 33.4″x 11.6″

How wide is a 275 tire in inches?

275/70R17 tires have a diameter of 32.2″, a section width of 10.8″, and a wheel diameter of 17″. The circumference is 101.0″ and they have 627 revolutions per mile. Generally they are approved to be mounted on 7-8.5″ wide wheels.

What size tires can I fit on my Jeep?

The biggest diameter tire you can fit on a Jeep Wrangler with a stock suspension is 33 inches. The common 33-inch tire sizes are any of the following: .

Can a Chrysler 8.25 handle 35s?

The 8.25 can easily handle 35s and even with a locker. If you’re worried about the c-clips you can get disc brakes and that’ll keep the shafts in if an unexpected situation.

What gears for XJ on 33s?

Gear Ratio For 33-Inch Tires A good gear for an AW4 automatic with 33-inch tires is a 4.10:1 or 4.56:1 gear ratio. Both of these will keep you around the stock drive ratio. Personally, we think the 4.56:1 gear ratio is better thanks to its improved acceleration and crawling abilities.

Are 295 tires the same as 33?

295/70/17 is actually about 3/4 inch taller than most 33’s as the former will measure around 33.3″ and the latter 29.5″.

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