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Does any airline still use the 747?

Does any airline still use the 747?

There’s one airline that is operating the 747 for passengers but isn’t a regular scheduled commercial carrier. That airline is Atlas Air, which offers the 747 for charter services.

Can a 747 fly around the world?

Boeing 747 Although the plane did not technically circumnavigate the earth, it still covered the entire distance of the earth’s circumference. Realistically, if a Boeing 747-8 flew at maximum speed with aerial refueling, it could circumnavigate the earth in 40 hours.

How many miles can a 747 fly?

9,500 miles
A: This depends on the size of the plane, its efficiency, and how fast it’s flying. A modern Boeing 747 can fly about 15,000 km (9,500 miles) when it’s flying at 900 kmh (550 mph).

Can a 747 land with one engine?

Boeing 747 has some tricks up its sleeve. It can dump fuel to reduce its weight. And it is a surprisingly good glider. Chances of landing successfully with one engine running are pretty good, because it slows down the rate of descent significantly.

Can you fly a 747 upside down?

The scene, a Hollywood masterpiece of special effects, has people asking can an airliner fly upside down. The answer is yes for a “little” bit! Unlike military fighters, commercial planes do not have the engine power for sustained inverted flight and rely on lift from the wings.

Can you fly over Antarctica?

Antarctica has no flight paths due to weather conditions and no infrastructure to assist with landing anywhere on the continent.

Can you outrun the sun in a plane?

This means that the Sun effectively zooms across the face of the Earth at the equator at around 1,700km/h. So you’d have to travel at least this fast to stay in daylight. But that’s around 1.5 times the speed of sound – and twice as fast as a conventional passenger plane.

Can a 747 take off with 3 engines?

The 747 is certified to fly on just three engines, and there was no indication of any damage to the aircraft’s other engines. Safety experts and aviation regulators still questioned the decision to operate such a long flight with one engine out.

Why does a 747 have 5 engines?

The extra engine adds drag to one side of the plane. Consequently, pilots have to adjust the power on the other side to compensate. The special cargo meant that the aircraft was heavier and required additional stops.

Can you do a barrel roll in a 747?

Yes, it is possible. We experienced this possibility using a simulator on a 747/400. You have to take a very high angle at the beginning like 25° nose up to avoid exiting with an important nose down and overspeed.

Why do planes not fly north to south?

Answer: It is shorter to fly the Great Circle route than a straight line due to the circumference of the earth being so much greater at the equator than near the poles.

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