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Can you kill Saren in Mass Effect?

Can you kill Saren in Mass Effect?

Assault Rifles, Pistols with the Master Marksman ability, and Sledgehammer or Polonium Rounds are also effective against him. Once Shepard lowers Saren’s shields and gets his health down to 25%, a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene, his shields will be back at full strength and need to be broken through again.

Is there a way to save Saren?

Just keep moving, using powers, and shooting until the Saren husk finally falls dead. When it does, it turns to dust and you are rewarded with the final cutscene.

Who does Saren kill?

9 Wait What?: Saren Took Risks With The Prothean Beacon At some point, Saren assassinated another Turian spectre named Nihlus then decided that enough was enough. He ordered his Geth to blow up the entire colony before bailing hard.

Why does Saren kill himself?

Saren commits suicide by shooting himself in the head, to prevent himself from opening the Citadel relay, but not before muttering, “Goodbye, Shepard.

How do I kill Saren?

Sniper Rifles are particularly great for the squad against Saren because they pack a punch. They can also knock him around while suspended by Lift and will do additional damage based on where he lands and what he hits. Hit life pool is substantial, so these extra physical attacks are great.

Why did Saren go rogue?

Years before the events of EA and BioWare’s game, Saren worked with the Citadel Council to keep the peace in Citadel space. As one of the Council’s Spectres, Saren gained access to Citadel resources with little supervision. That lack of oversight, however, is just one reason why Saren went rogue.

Is it possible to kill Saren on Virmire?

There is no way to kill him on Virmire.

Why did Saren shoot himself?

Is Saren a geth?

Trivia. According to The Art of Mass Effect: Saren’s left arm is actually a grafted geth arm. The platform that Saren rides when being fought was originally intended to be used by geth troopers but was later made exclusive to Saren.

Why did the Reapers need Saren?

Yes, it was necessary. Sovereign needed to activate signal for Reapers “manually” from Citadel. It’s quite likely that Saren used shuttles occasionally to move short distances. Orbiting a planet is a vast expanse and it would have been easy for Sovereign to avoid notice.

Why did Saren kill himself?

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