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Can I watch AFN online?

Can I watch AFN online?

AFN schedules are available online at

What is playing on AFN?

The Good Dish. 10:00a-11:00a.

  • Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) 10:00a-11:00a.
  • 2022 NBA Playoffs – Eastern Conference Finals, Game 4: Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics. 10:30a-01:00p.
  • To Tell the Truth. 10:00a-11:00a.
  • Home Town. 10:00a-11:00a.
  • WWE Raw. 10:00a-01:00p.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates. 10:30a-11:00a.
  • Forrest Gump. 09:00a-11:30a.
  • Does AFN have an app?

    o …and more – The AFN Go Mobile App keeps you “in-the-know” while you’re “on-the-go.” – Instantly get the latest weather, exchange rates, gas prices, and radio schedules wherever you are.

    What channels does AFN have?

    This global radio and television network service is called AFN, the American Forces Network. The following channels are broadcast on AFN Sigonella television: AFN Prime-Atlantic, AFN Prime-Pacific, AFN Xtra, AFN Movie, AFN Family, AFN News, AFN Sports, AFN Spectrum, the Pentagon Channel and the Preview Channel.

    Can I watch AFN on my computer?

    AFN Radio is available via the AFN360 internet and mobile app at

    Is AFN TV free?

    With either option TKS provides immediate, no-fee activation and AFN television is provided completely free of charge. There is a nominal monthly leasing fee for the use of the set-top box.

    Is AFN going away?

    On September 26, 2020, the U.S. Army will discontinue providing AFN television broadcasts via the on-post cable television network at all military installations in Germany. At that time, on-post residents will not be able to receive AFN channels by simply plugging a television set into a cable TV outlet.

    Is AFN free in Germany?

    With either option TKS provides immediate, no-fee activation and AFN television is provided completely free of charge.

    Where can I watch AFN?

    AFN viewers can watch the Awards show LIVE Monday April 4th at 2am CET / 9am JKT on AFN|prime Atlantic.

    How do I get an AFN overseas?

    There are two primary methods to get the equipment. Cable: If you’re stationed at an overseas command that has cable television you will get one or more AFN channels over your local television cable.. This is often available in family housing and single service member’s barracks on-post.

    How can I watch AFN in Germany?

    To get connected with AFN, visit a TKS shop located in your nearest Exchange. Two viewing options are available: you may request just AFN television service, or you can select one of four different easyTV service plans all of which include AFN.

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