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Are DT Swiss rims any good?

Are DT Swiss rims any good?

Ultimately these are a great set of wheels for training, racing or just a general upgrade. You’ll be getting good quality hubs and spokes from the brand who supply much of the industry as well. The only downside to the 1600 Spline 23 wheel was the odd skewer it had for the rim brake version.

What does spline mean in DT Swiss wheels?

Check out the DT Swiss Ratchet EXP hub system here. Each wheel name usually includes either ‘Dicut’ or ‘Spline’. This refers to the interface between the hub and the spoke.

Is DT Swiss Swiss?

Since its establishment over 25 years ago, this small company of around 30 people in the Swiss city of Biel has grown to become a globally active group.

How can you tell if a hub is DT Swiss?

Where can I find the DT Swiss ID on my product? The DT Swiss ID sticker can be found in three positions on the rim. On the suspension products the DT Swiss ID is directly lasered onto the product.

Where are DT Swiss rims made?

All rims are built by 80 or so talented wheelsmiths in Poland before ending up on your (or a top pro’s) bike. Exiting the impressive factory area, it’s amusing to find that even the hangers for DT-branded clothing in the reception area are formed from rim sections.

What do DT Swiss numbers mean?

This holds true for all the mountain and road wheels. And if there’s no C, it means it’s an aluminum rim. The numbers also reveal information about the hub, with 1200 and 1500 level wheels receiving the premium DT Swiss 240, while the 1700 gets a 350 hub, and 1900 equates to a standard 3-pawl.

What does DT stand for in DT Swiss?

Apparently the ‘DT’ in DT Swiss stands for Drahtwerke Tréfileries, the German and French words for ‘wireworks’. So, overall, the name means ‘wireworks made in Switzerland’. It’s appropriate, then, that the factory is now occupying its second site in Biel, the biggest bilingual town in Switzerland.

Are DT Swiss hubs interchangeable?

DT Swiss MTB hubs are extremely versatile. DT Swiss endcap adapters easily convert stock hubs to QR, 9mm thru bolt, 12mm thru, 15mm thru, or 20mm thru with the use of a vise and the Park Tool AV-5 Axle Vise Tool.

Are DT Swiss rims welded?

Light and robust welded rims, perfect tubeless compatibility for grip and puncture resistance as well as our reliable hubs with RATCHET freehub and a 36 tooth engagement.

Are there fake DT Swiss hubs?

Fakes are often offered at a fraction of the original price. Compare the selling price with other offers. If the price is well below the average, this is a clear warning signal. One of the most frequently counterfeited DT Swiss product is the Ratchet System.

Are DT Swiss wheels made in Switzerland?

What are DT Swiss rims made of?

aluminum rims
A pre-set saw them trims the coil of rims to correct length, and they are ready to head to the next step. DT Swiss welds the vast majority of their aluminum rims to ensure a stronger build and better braking.

Can you upgrade a freehub?

Yes. You can replace just the hub, but you’ll likely need new spokes, and a decent mechanic will charge $50+ for the job. Unless you have a really nice rim, that’s not worth it. Buying a new wheel makes more sense.

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